Nursery Details

I am still adding details and finishing touches to Luke's nursery. We do rock him and change him in there sometimes, but it won't really feel like his room until he starts sleeping in there (next month hopefully!). Here are some sweet things to remember:

I'll take more pictures along the way.


Luke's First Trip to the Beach

This is my family's 5th annual Labor Day weekend beach trip! Having so many different work schedules is hard, so a long weekend seems to be what works best for everyone. This year was hard but also great because it was Luke's first trip to the beach! Here are way too many pictures from our weekend:

We LOVED our beach house!

 Two other families from our church were also in Oak Island for the long weekend, so we met up with them a few times! 


It was supposed to storm all weekend, but God gave us three beautiful days. I can't believe last year I was SO SO SO sick when we took the Labor Day beach trip. I had just found out two weeks before that I was pregnant with Luke. He made this trip not very restful, but so happy. I can't wait for him to be able to walk around next year!