Portrait Mode Swinging

I would spend everyday at the park with Luke if we could. March has been very chilly this year so we've only gotten a few days, but they're my favorite. 

I got a new iPhone in the beginning of March so we had to go to the park to test the portrait mode.


Our Eleventh Month with Luke

February 3rd, 2018 - March 3rd, 2018

- Mimi got him a small Mickey toy that clicks into a small red car. This tiny Mickey became his favorite toy. He sleeps with it and loves to hold it all the time.

- He loves the cats so much and this month he said "kitty"!

- We went to Zaxby's one night and gave Luke some toast and he LOVED it. Now we order a basket of toast when we go!

- He started waving regularly and says hi and bye! Some of the time he smiles so big and loves to wave.

- Changing his diapers and clothes is the worst thing in the world to him. It's a good life. ;) He also doesn't like getting in his car seat but most of the time we can distract him with toys.

- There were some warm days in the 60s and 70s during February so I took him to the park to swing for the first time. He loved it so much. Since then we've gone several times when the weather is nice.

- He has still been pulling up on everything and he loves to walk with his red wagon or lion toy walker.

- We finally got a playpen and it is such a lifesaver. He can pull himself up on the sides and walk around or crawl and play safely.

- We went to Buffalo Wild Wings for Josh's birthday and Mimi and Poppy gave Luke some of their burgers and he loved them! He also really liked my sour cherry limeade! He also got some cake on Daddy's birthday which was so fun!

- We took him on his first trip to IKEA and got him a big stuffed basketball that he wouldn't put down. :)