2017: Year in Review

JANUARY: We stayed in on New Years because I was sick. It snowed and my dad and Josh painted our upstairs. We registered at Babies R Us and Target! WE BOUGHT A CAR! I started the third trimester of the pregnancy! I turned 27 and we celebrated by going to Lamaze classes.

FEBRUARY: I spent extra time with April because at the end of February her family moved to Tennessee (10 hours away). Josh and I tried to make chili for the church chili cook-off. (It ended with his hands and face being on fire from chilies, coating his hands in yogurt, and going to Walmart at 10 pm to buy beans to reduce the heat.) Our church threw us a sweet baby shower and we received so many gifts! We also used gift cards from the shower to redo our hall bathroom, which will be the "kid bathroom" someday.

MARCH: We took some of the youth to tour Liberty (and see Steph Curry) at the beginning of the month! We bought a dresser for the nursery at Ikea. I got super big. Two of my closest and oldest friends threw me a wonderful baby shower. On March 30, I was called to go to my OB-GYN where I found out I had cholestasis of pregnancy and that I needed to have the baby as soon as possible. AH! We scheduled the induction for April 1st and went home to get ready! 

APRIL: We checked into the hospital at 2 am on April 2nd. The next few days were a blur, but Luke was born on April 3rd at 11:12pm. We took him home on April 6th, after his first doctor visit we had a billi blanket delivered. Josh's friend from work came over and took some newborn pictures. April 16th was Luke's first Easter and we had lunch at my parents' house, which was Luke's first outing. Josh had the whole month of April off of work so we had lots of time together. At the end of the month, my parents came over and watched Luke while we went out on our first date alone!

MAY: Luke turned 1 month old! I adjusted to stay at home mom life. We took Luke to church for the first time (after 6 weeks)! That was Mother's Day and Josh's family came to town. Luke got to meet his Uncle Matt that weekend too. Luke and I went to have lunch with Josh for the first time. And we enjoyed lots of time at home.

JUNE: We celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary on June 2nd and took a day to go shopping and go out to eat and to the park. Luke turned 2 months old. We had VBS at church and hung out with some of our youth. We went to Roanoke the weekend of Father's Day and spent the day with both of our families.

JULY: Luke turned 3 months old! We celebrated the 4th of July at Mimi and Poppy's house and watched the fireworks from the side of the road that night.  Mom, Rebekah, and I took Luke to see my grandma. Josh took the youth group to summer camp at Ridgecrest (where we met), and my mom, Luke, and I went to visit them! We hung out with friends and had lots of fun outside.

AUGUST: Luke was a show off at his 4 month check-up at the doctor and everyone loved him. He started eating rice and oatmeal cereal and he sat up in his bumbo more and more. We found a jumperoo at church that he LOVED, so we got one at home. We also went up to see Grams and Grandaddy again! On the last day of August we drove to Oak Island for Luke's first trip to the beach!

SEPTEMBER: Luke was not too crazy about being out at the beach, but we had a great Labor Day weekend with family and friends! Luke looked super cute in his Luke Kuechly Jersey and we went to see Aunt Kinny and Aunt Anna dominate in volleyball! We also went to Emily's wedding at the end of the month! and Luke sat up in the tub for the first time!

OCTOBER: We had Luke dedicated at church at the beginning of the month and Josh's family came up to be there. Luke turned 6 MONTHS OLD! He got his first tooth and we started sitting him up in carts at Target and grocery stores. :) I won a pumpkin patch photo shoot on Facebook so we got some awesome 6 month photos! Then we went up to Liberty for Luke's first Homecoming! At the end of the month Grammy came to stay and we went up to Roanoke for Granddaddy's birthday! Luke liked playing with his (2nd) cousin Lucas. Then to finish out October we went to the Fall Festival at church dressed as robbers with our sack of money! And Luke had his first Halloween, which we celebrated by dressing him up as a pumpkin and going to eat Mexican food with Mimi and Poppy.

NOVEMBER: Luke grew so much in November. He started trying to stand and pull himself up more and more. We, of course, decorated for Christmas super early and our friends came over to take pictures for our Christmas card. Josh was sick on Thanksgiving but we made the last minute trip up to Amherst, VA for dinner with his dad's side of the family. On Black Friday we had our family dinner with my family and then Luke shocked us by pulling himself all the way up in his Pack n Play.

DECEMBER: At the very beginning of December we decided to bite the bullet and put Luke in his crib to cry it out. He slept for 12 hours through the night, which he has done every night since then! We had a sad time when Josh's Memaw passed away, (but we will always cherish the memories of Luke's first Thanksgiving when he met his Memaw.) Luke saw his first snow and we had a good month getting ready for his first Christmas. Josh had the whole week before Christmas off and his family came to stay with us for a few days to have Christmas with Luke. Then we had Christmas morning at our house and went over to celebrate with my family at Mimi and Poppy's. Luke loved his Owlette car from Grammy and Grandy and his wagon from Mimi and Poppy so much. We went to see some of our church family on Christmas night and then went up to Roanoke to see Grams and Granddaddy the day after Christmas. It was a very busy, very special month.

How in the world is 2017 over?? The year we had our baby... who isn't a little baby anymore. This year was so special, happy, sad, hard, and wonderful. The best year of my life loving our little boy. He will be 9 months on January 3rd and I can't handle how close he is to being one. But I also can't wait to see him learn and grow in 2018. It just keeps getting better. <3 p="">


Our Day Trip to Roanoke

The day after Christmas we drove up to Roanoke to see Josh's Grams and Granddaddy. Grams cooked everyone lunch and we visited for a while and then we went to The Hotel Roanoke to see their tree display that they have every December. Josh and I have gone almost every year since before we were married and it was so fun to have Luke with us. He loves Christmas trees.

After the Hotel we went back to Grams and Granddaddy's house. Luke loved Grams' bear that says The Night Before Christmas. At the end of the day we met up with some family friends and went to Three Li'l Pigs BBQ for dinner. Josh and I stopped at our favorite coffee place and then headed home.

This brought an end to our Christmas activities and traveling. What a great first Christmas we've had with Luke. :)